Monday, December 13, 2010

October and November: 1/144 Gundam Wing Project

A bit of a break from the norm. I'm going to try and get as much posted as I can over the next couple days or so. I ran out of the free space Google Blogger gives for storing photos... I will be linking from Photobucket and/or Flickr until I decide on what I want to do with this blog and how serious I want to go with this.

For the month of October, I was going to build two more of the old 1/144 Gundam Wing kits and then two more in November to complete the original five Gundams. Well, because of a bit of a tiff with the soon-to-be-missus I had to build all four in October, but I will be counting these as both months' builds.





All four of the 1/144 Gundams; Deathscythe, Heavy Arms, Sandrock, and Shenlong. I got them from RainbowTen as soon as these re-issues were available again. They have been OOP (out of production) for quite some time.


I built them in the order they are numbered in the anime. Wing was first (obviously). Second and third would be Deathscythe and Heavy Arms.


Fourth and fifth would be Sandrock and Shenlong.

Progress pictures of Gyan next posting.

Until Next Time: Happy Building

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