Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MG Gyan Part 4

I've Got My Mono-eye On You!

Painting on the internal frame and some details here and there.  Starting with the mono-eye, the trademark of Zeon MS!  I actually took some time to paint parts of the inner frame and I'm really happy with one part in particular.

Here are the two pieces for the mono-eye.

I painted the end of the peg silver.

Then painted the clear piece with clear red.

Gundam Marker for a different tone of grey on the backpack.

Added some gold and silver details.

Painted the blocks on the palms for contrast.

Decided later to go back and paint the wrist joint too.

Inner from parts for the arm.

Inner portion of the shield.

Here is a group shot of the mech parts for the leg.

Just a close up of some of the details.

Ankle joints, I find are pretty cool looking

Taking a queue from myself and painted the bottoms of the feet like I did with the Gouf 2.0

The inner frame of the torso.

Some little details on the piping.

M'quve in the cockpit!

The chest area.

These are the under grating of the chest vents.  I have no idea what made me want to paint them gold, but they turned out AWESOME!  You'll see that on the completed kit later.

I panel lined the inside of the head.

All the parts of the backpack.

And of course I panel lined the inside of the lower leg armor.

I will be posting the last portion soon!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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