Sunday, December 5, 2010

MG Gyan Part 3

The Greatest Tool I Never Knew I Had!
And BanDai Spake, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"

All the parts for Gyan are snipped and trimmed and placed in boxes!  A slight mod and some detail work before assembly.  Today, though, I want to show off a tool that I never new I had at my disposal.

Here are some pics:

All the parts in their respective boxes.  I know I have said this before, but thanks for the idea for this method of organization, Ngee Khiong!  So simple, yet very useful.  Why had I never thought of this on my own?

And a new box makes an appearance! I have boxes permanently for the head, torso, backpack, hips, left/right arms, left/right legs, and weapons.  Now I have one for the extra bits, like...

1/20 scale figured and affect parts!

Here we go!  The tool I never knew I had.  I was watching an episode of Hobby Link Japan's Gunpla TV where host Syd used a really cool tool for cutting the fingers apart on one of the featured Gunpla (90% certain it was the MG Full Armor Gundam).  I was going to order some of those saws he used but decided I would just do it the old way with my hobby knife.  Whilst fishing through my hobby tool box I inherited from my older brother about a decade ago for a fresh blade, I came across a tube of specialty blades and inside was this saw blade that had been in there since he bought the box kit!  STILL SHARP AS HECK TOO!

Placing the saw blade between the fingers, I started to move the blade back and forth, slowly and gently.

Within second the fingers were separated and rather cleanly too!  This beat the heck out of my hobby knife's blade!  Even using a fresh one, I was always afraid of slippage, breaking the blade while trying to force through the plastic, or having the finger pop off and fly away into the oblivion of my room!  Now with this tool, I have no more worries.

Here we have all of the parts for the light up beam sword handle, there is another handle without the light up feature.  I haven't done anything electrical since grade school when learning how to wire up light bulbs...  So I was really excited to have this gimmick to work on.

First the handle and these two metal parts go together...

Like such.

Next take the power switch and the other half of the handle and...

Slide it in!

Now place your $5 battery ( -_-)` inside the handle... why is this thing so expensive?

I was worried at first that I had gotten the wrong size, but it fits!  Anywho, slide it in and place the other half over it.

Now take this screw...

And twist it into the hole to keep the halves together.

The LED bulb goes into this plastic bit here.


And plug it into the handle so the two wires touch the corresponding metal pieces from earlier.

Flipping the switch back and forth completes or disrupts the circuit.  ISN'T ELECTRICITY FUN?!

Finally a cover is placed over the top.  And there you have it, the Gyan's light up beam sword handle.

I've been asked why I am calling it a beam sword as apposed to a saber.  Well, the blade is so much thicker than the Gundam's beam saber blade.  Also, the Gyan is very knight like and knights used (among other things) broad swords.  I guess I feel it just fits better as a description.

Detailing of the inner frame next post!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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