Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gyan Final

The MG Gyan was my first venture into LED work, no matter how basic and easy it was.  I had fun building this kit and it was nice to finally have a 1/100 scale version of the Gyan, one of my favorite MS designs.  I might add more photos with some inner frame work showing, but for now just the exterior.

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Here is Sir Gyan, Knight of Zeon!

There they are those gold vents in the chest.  And M'Quve ready to take a beating from the Gundam.

The shoulders are so plain!  But here you can see the gold accent painted on the joint.

Gold and silver from the piping seen in part 4.

Beam Sword IGNITE!

Unfortunately, one way or another that Zeon insignia is going to be upside-down... Unless you take off the face plate of the shield and flip it each time you change the position of the shield.

Smoke affect parts for the shield.  The smoke can attach at any point on the shield.

Zimmond did such a good job on the Gyan, too bad Zeonic's Gelgoog won out.

Deployed Hide Bombs.  These are kind of useless unless you figure out how to display them...

Just for size comparison.

Gyan was a great build!  Very happy to add him to my collection.  On with the Gundam Wing Project for the next few postings.

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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