Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MG GM Ver. 2.0

Here it is, the MG GM ver 2.0! Finally got the pics uploaded. A note about the clear censor piece: It wasn't quite green enough, so I tried to use some clear green to darken it, put too much on and when I went to remove it with a bit of acrylic thinner, it marred the plastic and left it cloudy... Grr.

Very anime styled and proportioned, like the Gundam 2.0... Well it does use the same framework.

That blasted cloudy visor!

I painted the pistons and had to hollow out the pipes a little more so the silver paint would not rub off too much.

Painted the knee joint as well.

And the elbow :-P.

I painted the inner mechanical portion of the hand the same as the frame.

The core block
Really bad picture of the painted pilot inside the cockpit

The core block alone, without the torso frame.

The back...

The inside of the head.

Painted the neck pistons as well

Arm and leg inner frame exposed.

Beam Saber ignited!

Spray Beam Pistol.

Hyper Bazooka

This pilot is ready for action! Launch and save Jaburo from the clutches of the evil Principality of Zeon!

I hate the Feddies... :-P

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