Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's Going On, Joe? #8

I recently lost my job.  I was terminated for using too many coupons in one day....  It's a long story.  But oh well.  With my severance pay, I'll be fine until mid Feb if I don't already have work by then.  No big deal.

This leaves me with quite a bit of free time on my hands, this week I'll be going on a cleaning spree, but after that, I've got nothing planned besides filling out the occasional job app or interviews here and there.  Which means, I should be back up and running with the blog.  I had been working retail, and it's the holidays so I had no time at all for my Gunpla World!

I have been building though!  I couldn't decide what kits I wanted to build after the 1/60 Wing Zero and then the MG Aile Strike with Bazooka.  So my fiance and I came up with a game.  She would play a song from her iTunes list (She has horrible taste in music, BTW) while I closed my eyes and blindly moved my pointed finger all around the pile of unbuilt kits I have.  When the music stopped, whatever kit I was pointing at, I put on the to build pile. This was the horrible music I had to endure while blindly pointing through my closet...

This video is not my production.  This video belongs to hollywoodrecords via YouTube.

We picked four kits.  Four times!  I had to listen to that awful awful music for whole seconds at a time!  *Shudder*  Anyway, we had the kits picked.


But then it was time to decide in what order I would build them.  But why not just build them in the order the were picked, you ask?  Well, that's simple!  Because she hadn't made me want to rip my ears all the way off yet!  So she assigned songs to each of the kits and added them to a playlist.  She got the list ready, hit the shuffle buttom and let the music play!  Every song was played through all the way, so I expect you all to play these songs like the good masochistic followers you are.  (Please don't make me suffer alone)

The first song to bust my eardrums:

This is not my video.  Video from celticwelsh via YouTube

This song was assigned to:

MG 00 Qan[T]

Perhaps Melissa knows of the Quantum Burst where the GN Sword Bits fly around the Gundam in a circle... But she's never seen the movie... odd.  The second song to grace my bleeding sound receptors was:

Video does not belong to me.  This video comes from bjoyfan via YouTube.

And that piece of trash was chosen by the woman I think I still love to represent...

MG Gundam F91 30th Anniversary Special with Clear Parts

Cecily Fairchild...  Yeah crazy girl, I get it.  But again, Melissa has never watched Gundam F91.... odd
Anyway, before I could contemplate suicide I second longer the next song start blaring from the laptop speakers!

Again not my video.  This is from elmoworld101 via YouTube.
Invisible microphones and pubescent boys singing magically in pre-pubescent voices aside, this song was meant for:

1/100 Aegis Gundam

" 'Cause it's pink like bubble gum and it reminds me of candy!  OH AND IT HAS TEETH IN MOBILE ARMOR MODE!  Like a sweet tooth for the bad guys!" - Her

"It is a 'bad guy' ..." - Me

"Shut up!" - Her

Luckily that little conversation distracted me just enough that I didn't burn the place down just before this little gem hit the airwaves of our office:

This video belongs not to me.  This video is from beyonceVEVO via YouTube

At least Beyonce is hot!
And, thank god this was the last song and therefore meant that this kit was the last to be built:

HG Extreme Gundam

And I was EXTREMELY happy that this medly of "music" was over!  Anyway, pics for the kits built thus far will be up soon.  In the meantime, I've got a bathroom to clean!

Until Next Time:  Happy building!