Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MG Gouf: Completion

Goufed Up A Little On This One...

I kill me sometimes with those puns!  Okay, not really.  But I did kind mess up on one of the dry transfers, I'll show that off later.  I didn't do anything really special with this one.  I was going to try doing a wash with the gray paint I showed in the last post; however, most of the panel lines are where two parts meet (BanDai's ingenious way of hiding seams) but the paint just ran through the cracks and you couldn't see the paint at all... so instead I just went ahead and used a micron pen...

Here is the link to the only other post:
MG Gouf: Getting Started

Here are some pics!

For some reason I really like this dramatic pose... like it's looking at Amuro in the Gundam coming down for an arial attack.

Front view

Looking at all the markings on the upper portion of the Mobile Suit.  This is where I messed up the dry transfer.  The shoulder armor has those curved three dashed markings on the bottom edge.  The right shoulder's front marking was the last to go on and the one I just tore to shreds because I was getting impatient.  I scratched it off, and hand painted a line and straightened it out and dashed it with my hobby knife blade.

The MS designation numbers on the elbow.

Right Side View

Rear View

Left Side View


I painted the innner mech details of the shield

Also painted the hand guard near the knuckles

I also painted the mech parts of the feet.

Heat Saber!

One shot with the flash on because the room was a little dark...

Gouf Done!  Next up... MG Gyan!  Post for Gyan will be coming soon!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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