Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1/144 Gundam Wing Project Part 3

All of the parts that needed to be cemented have been done for this posting.  This was where my mistake came to light...  I'll explain in a bit.

All of Deathscythe's parts that were cemented:
Helmet, Duo and his stand, chest, torso, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, thighs, shins, and feet



Heavy Arms' cemented parts:
Trowa and his stand, chest, torso, shoulders, etc.  The helmet of the Heavy Arms has the best part separation of the 5 original Gundams in this scale.  Likely, this is due to the large red front piece.



Sandrock's parts:
Quatra, etc.  You know what body parts these are.  I know my audience is very smart!



Shenlong's parts
Wufei, the dragon fang arm, etc.



So, I'm sure most of you already saw it.  My fatal miscalculation with the whole black out process.  All of the seam lines are now permanently BLACK!  No amount of sanding will get rid of that and thinner is useless.  The chemically melted and bonded plastic mixed with the black paint and now the "no paint" method I used on Wing Gundam and G30th RX-78-2 won't be of any use on these 4 kits.

So now I will have to figure out the right mixture for the off white plastic used on these kits.  All the 90's kits have this same off white, kinda gray plastic.  I think there's a touch of blue in it too.  I really hate painting anything white.  It just never looks right to me.

Oh well, that's the challenge of the hobby! ^_^

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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