Thursday, December 2, 2010

MG Gyan Part 1

Charming Sound...

Gyan;  how does one pronounce this name?  I've always pronounced in with a hard "G" as in "grape" followed by "yan" as in "Yan Yan" those cookie sticks you dip into frosting.  It's a little difficult to pronounce, those two letters "G" and "Y" don't like to mix right next to each other.  That's most likely why the voice actor for the English dub pronounced it Gan with a hard "A" like "can"...  Anyway you say it, it is far from a "charming sound".  But that is what it's pilot, M'quve, says about his vase as he taps it with his finger. 

The Gyan is a Mobile Suit built mostly for dueling.  Much of it's energy is used to support the demands of it's large beam sword.  This box art really shows that aspect of the Gyan.  The MS is shown in a classic dueling stance, ready to parry and thrust it's way to victory!  Unfortunately, the Gyan only ever manages one duel with the Gundam... and of course loses!

The side of the box shows off some of the kits posability and gimmicks.  Again, it is a 30th anniversary edition and comes with clear parts which I will not be using.

Again, the dueling pose.

Again, clear parts I won't be using...

Some fun features of this kit include: Smoke affect parts for the missiles, deployed mode hide bombs and... LIGHT UP BEAM SWORD!

One of the few kits as of late to come with the 1/20 scale figure... I like Prime92's idea of making a chess set out of these, I've got quite a few of them...  I'm sure a UC vs. AU set could be made.

Advertisement for upcoming models on the bottom of the box.  All of which are already released.

Opening the box!

Let's take a look at the manual.

So that's our first look at MG Gyan.  The only other 1/100 scale of the Gyan was made in the early 80's!  So this kit was a very welcome addition to my collection.  Oddly enough, I find I really like the strange design of Gyan.  It's very mid-evil in it's looks and fighting specs.  I love the giant beam sword and the light up gimmick looks to be very promising.  I will be sure to take plenty of picture with the lights out!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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