Saturday, December 4, 2010

MG Gyan Part 2

Parts and Runners
Before delving into assembly, I want to get one good runners review which I didn't get to do for the Gouf 2.0...  I was very rushed with the Gouf.  But this Gyan is going to be a different story, I had time to do a few fun things with it.

On with the photos and such!

The bag with the parts...  In this yellow bag there are magical items!  Items that, when placed properly, will make the Gyan's sword glow with an awesome power!  ... Provided that you can find a friggin' battery for it!

And in no particular order, we have runners!  This has inner frame parts for the arms and legs.

Mech parts for the torso and shield.

The runners for some of the armor, one in a light purpley-pink and one clear.

The GIANT beam for the sword.

More armor and the red for the shield is crisply molded as one piece.

Inner parts for the skirt armor and backpack along with M'quve (both 1/20 and 1/100 scale figures are on the same runner and in the same pose)

The clear gray smoke for the missiles and the lower leg armors are in one piece!  Very cool!

Even the interior is molded for the legs!  I like this engineering very much ^_^.

Another portion of the shield and parts for the legs.

Dark blue for the main body unit.  
Thank you BanDai for not molding it in the purple the HGUC version came in!!!

Stickers and markings

Dry Transfers...

Runner A the multi-colored runner with the hide bombs, parts for the beam sword handle, and the front plate of the shield.


Some building, mods, and the beam sword light up gimmick in the next post!  Look forward to it.

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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