Friday, August 6, 2010

MG Ball Ver. Ka.

The Master Grade Ball Ver. Ka. The very idea of the Ball being made into a Master Grade is almost laughable! But here it is and it has had 3 official releases and then it had a Pro-Shop(?) Limited release with a metal base coating on it's armor. I never thought I would actually want a MG Ball unless they made a MG High Mobility Zaku Test Type as well so I could re-create that epic scene from 08th MS Team.

Then the pictures of the finished product came out and I could not resist! So much inner detail! That is the MG Ball Ver. Ka.'s selling point and it is very much worth the relatively small price tag for a Master Grade.

Bonus points to Bandai for giving it a stand to sit on as well.

As with any Ver. Ka. there are a lot of panel lines and markings.

Quite an array of thrusters too.

The cockpit is one of the most detailed I've seen at this scale.

Funny thing is, I always thought the ball was just a cockpit with arms, thrusters and a cannon. I always felt it really shouldn't need to be much larger than a core fighter.

The inner frame was painted with a pretty equal mix of Euro Gray and Silver Model Master Enamels.

I also used Gold for much of the details

Because the Ball lacks any sort of body or real gimmick, I had to do something to help this model feel good about itself.

So I painted the entire inner frame and tried to give the model some real detail work.

I know there was more I could have done, but it looks pretty good, I'd say.

I do like the detail on the side pods there.

This is a shot with the frame work removed from the main body.

And that's the Ball!

Next up, my friend GM!