Saturday, November 27, 2010

MG Gouf: Getting Started...

Just Goufing Around...

The MG Gouf was one of my favorite builds when I first started building Gunpla.  I think I built the MG Gouf way back in 2003.  It was still relatively new back then and it was leaps ahead of the old MG Zaku II.  I bought it along with Ramba Ral's Zaku I so I could have both the figure of Ramba and Haman.  Jump ahead a few years and the MG Gouf 2.0 hits the shelves and then soon after hits my pile of unbuilt Gunpla.

I was expecting this kit to bring back some old memories, but other than the fact that it is clearly a Gouf, it was nothing like the first one!  This guy is PACKED with inner detail and the proportions are so much more true to the anime. 

I simply love the box cover art!  The Gouf, piloted by Ramba Ral with his too cronies, Stetch and Lacuse piloting Zaku's, standing on a plateau looking oh so ominous as they survey the battlefield.

The side of the box, as usual, shows off some signature poses, the articulation, and the gimmicks.

And, as this is the 30th anniversary edition, it has the clear parts for the left side of the body.  I will most likely leave these on the runner (Well, I did actually, as this was months ago... did I mention I'm an awful blogger?).

Front and rear views, is it just me or are these smooth cased backpacks kinda cool in their own right?

And more gimmick shots and weapons load-out.

All the parts sprawled across my desk.

All the parts for the inner frame minus one runner...

The light blue runners for the limbs and head.

THERE IT IS!  The other runner for the inner frame and the light blue tubes, shield, and shoulder armors.

The one dark blue runner, my nippers, and the instruction manual.  As you can see, I'm ready to build this thing!

Yes, I know, the model is clearly build and in this shot, but what I'm trying to show is that my plan for this model was to try something new.  Up until this point I had used a pen for panel lining.  What I wanted to do with this kit was to try using this grey and this thinner to do a sort of wash.  This plan kind of was a wash.  But I'll explain that later.

I got through this kit really quick, in fact the next post will be the completed kit.  Yup, only two parts.  I'm going to try and finish up all my posts for the year so far and get caught up because the December model is for Christmas, so I need to get it done and posted before then!

I've got Gouf, Gyan, and the Oct/Nov back to back build special and then I can start posting for the Dec model which I can't start working on until this Wed (the 1st).

Until Next Time:  Happy Building everyone!

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