Monday, November 1, 2010

Wake me up when November ends...

November will be a dark lonely month for me...  It's a bit of a story, but I will not be building a model this month.

You see, this past summer, my fiance ordered some Gunpla for me from Rainbow 10.  Now, I have no self control what-so-ever when it comes to Gunpla, so - of course- I opened up her E-mail and found out what she ordered for me.  She had ordered the RG Gundam, a HGUC Hyaku Shiki with the Mega Bazooka Launcher, and a 1/144 HG Nataku from Endless Waltz.  (Yup! Ngee Khiong, the very kit that you just got to complete your Endless Waltz collection, I recieved for my birthday this summer to complete mine!).

Well, long story short, she found out that I found out what she purchased for me.  As punishment she has forced me to give up my Model-A-Month for November!  It's her birthday this month and there's some family things, so I would be kind of busy anyway.  We bargained back and forth on the subject for a bit and in the end we agreed I'm not aloud to touch ANY unfinished models.  The only reason I'm aloud to do anything with finished kits is because I need to be able to finish up my Model-A-Month posts and catch up on this blog thing.

You should be seeing updates a bit more frequently this month, and I forced myself to finish five (5!) 1/144 models (one of which being the Zulugoog) last month to make up for the one model I would have built this month, so I feel like my accomplishments make up for my lack of finishing my goal for the year.

My closet door will remain closed for the month (bummer as the light from the closet lights a good portion of the room because there's no ceiling lamp in here) because the MASS OF MODELS is just taunting me!

Yes, the last two (Strike Freedom FBM and Destiny EBM) are TT Hongli Bootlegs!  They were a gift from a friend who didn't know what he was getting.  I'll build them and I have the real Destiny FBM (story behid that one!) and I will be doing a comparison review in the future.

But I've got a lot of unbuilt stuff just begging to be built!

... so ...

I kind started secretly building the MG Musha Mk II!  Don't tell my fiance, please!!!

I have a problem.

Until next time: Happy Building!

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