Sunday, March 13, 2011

The people of Japan need your help!

Gundam fans of the world, I know you all know by now of the quakes in Japan and the horror and devastation.

I want you all to think about how much joy, entertainment, and relaxation you get from building your Gunpla, no imagine that wonderful moment of completing your newest master piece washed away by a tsunami along with everything else in your neighborhood, or crushed by the buildings around you, shaken from their foundation.

Yeah, sucks, doesn't it?!

Help the Japanese people recover.  Sonar and the gang of the Gundam Australia Forums have started up a collection.  Sonar is working to get funds directly on the ground in Japan, right to the people and areas that need it most.

From Sonar:
Gundam Australia will be taking up a collection to help our ailing brothers in Japan. Please help by spreading the word and giving what you can. No amount is too small! Please give generously!,1092.msg14225.html#msg14225

Donations via paypal to japanquake gundamaustralia com

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