Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Collection of Gunpla: When Does a Hobby Become an Obsession?

I just posted a spreadsheet table of both my unbuilt kits, and my full collection.


And I have to say, looking at these numbers, sometimes I wonder if I've gone too far.  You'll notice, the MG Shenlong EW is listed there as I already have pre-ordered it.  I'm about to add MG 00 Raiser to that list as well.  And as soon as MG Epyon is available to pre-order, I'm jumping on that too!  I may have a problem :-P.

I figure, though, as long as my buying doesn't interfere with bills and necessities and my building doesn't interfere with my everyday life, what's the harm?  What's the problem?




The problem is that my "unbuilt" shelf in my closet is getting very full!

I think this is why I'm trying so hard to build three kits at once as per this posting.  You'll notice too, that the unassembled Gundam 00 kits listed on my spreadsheet are not up on the shelf (save the 1/100 00 Raiser Designer's Colors)...  they're on there way here.

Do you guys have this issue?

Until Next Time:  Happy Hoarding...  I mean - Building!


  1. I do need to ask, what becomes of the boxes to your finished kits?

  2. Many of them get thrown away. I can't justify saving the boxes if I don't need to. If I like the box art that much, I'll find a scan online and save it to my ever increasing Gundam picture collection.

  3. I have found my obsession becoming clear over the last few weeks, with the cost from this round of kit hoarding coming in over 1 thousand US dollars... Not counting last years $680 (including paint, brushes, cutters, etc.)I have around 40 kits total with only a handful built as well. I am glad I am getting some of these now, because looking at the kits I have bought last year some of them have double in cost.