Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ngee Khiong

Ngee Khiong has announced that he is concidering shutting down his blog when the site turns 5 years old in March of 2011.

As an English speaking fan, this is quite devastating. Of course, in the long run there is not much we can do. Ngee Khiong has poured heart and soul into his blogs since their inception. He as provided the English speaking fanbase with consistent and constant news updates about Gundam merchandise, shows, events, and productions and even made time for other genres and franchises! His blog has been an invaluable resource to us all.

Ngee Khiong Ex is also being considered for shutdown. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from Ngee Khiong's Ex blog. I find his simplistic, yet innovative building style and techniques to be very helpful. He doesn't go all out and sand, cement, airbrush and remodel an entire gunpla. He just builds them and has fun at it and that's what it is all about.

NK understood that Gunpla is a HOBBY, not a way of life, nothing to fight and squable over. Gunpla is not so important in anyone's life unless they are making a living from it. Build them because you like to, collect the ones you like, don't complain about not getting this release or complaining when your favorite suit is released but "it's not detailed enough".

And if you REALLY love the hobby, don't support bootleggers. It's sad when people have to rip off of BanDai to steal money away from them.

Ngee Khiong, I understand the pettiness of a lot of the Gundam fanbase. We should just be happy that we have Gunpla to occupy our spare time and realize that Gunpla is not our whole life. Friends and Family and Career should be more important than a hobby and sometimes it seems that some people put the hobby first and it becomes an obsession.

That being said. I hope where ever your life takes you, NK, keep enjoying Gunpla! I will miss your blogs very much. I guess Ii will have to really try and learn Japanese so I can keep up on the Gunpla news with the Japanese websites.

Maybe someone will come along and take over the English Gunpla News role, but maybe not.

I guess that's all I have to say about this...

Until next time: Happy Building!

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