Friday, September 10, 2010

1/144 Wing Gundam

Well well well, what have we here? An old model from years long past? I think so...

Like many, but certainly not all, American Gundam fans, Gundam Wing was my first exposure to the Gundam franchise. At the time Gundam Wing came out here in the States I was actually pre-occupied with the Mega Man video games and I was importing the Rock Man model kit action figures (which are much much more toy like than Gunpla, but still made by BanDai ^_^). I was at my cousin's house with my newly build Zero figure and my cousin was all excited about these new models he bought at Toys 'R' Us and he brought one to show me; the 1/144 Gundam Sandrock. I fell in love with the design and he gave me the promotional poster inside with pictures of all the Gundam Wing models.

My initial reaction was that the 1/100 Deathscythe and Deathscythe Hell would make decent renditions of Sigma from Mega Man X because they had not made a figure of him. So, I went and bought some Wing kits and my cousin had me start watching the show. Little did he know he would be creating a monster. Over 10 years later and I am still obsessed with Gundam!

When BanDai announced they were going to release Wing Gundam in MG form in the TV version, I flipped out and bought the original 5 1/144 Gunplas from the series. And of course, I built the star Gundam first:

Yes, I could have gotten a screen cap, but I was watching Gundam Wing while building so I took a snapshot of my laptop when Heero first transformed the Gundam from it's fighter mode. Very dramatic! I didn't see this episode until the show made its second run on Cartoon Network because I started watching around the time of Heero's and Zech's fight in Siberia.

On to the model!

The 1/144 Wing Gundam, this is the newer release with the little figure of Heero (1/35 scale, I believe ^_^). The CG work on these boxes always looked rushed to me :-P.

Same artwork and pictures on the sides of the box. Showing the model in robot and bird mode and its weapons.

The added bonus figure included...

The contents of the box, two bags four half sized runners and instructions.

With small painting guide for the figure.

The two bags and their contents.

The inside of this box is printed with pictures of some of the other models in the series

And an advert for the DVD collection

There's also an add for Gundam Markers with some tips on using them for panel lining your models

Trace the lines and wipe away... while the parts are still on the trees?! No way, BanDai!

Showing the chisel tip as wide and narrow...

And a How To on masking off parts.

Finally onto the assembly; the trees are laid out.

Pretty easy to identify parts on these smaller kits!

You can see where this used to be one whole runner of parts :-P

Finally some color :-P

Pretty simple design and this will prove to be an easy build, right?

The unpainted figure of Heero and the simplistic poly-cap runner (the standard poly-cap runner for so many 1/144 Gunpla of that era).

The sticker sheet is really more of a guide for me, I won't be using these for this model.

With the runners all laid out, I get the boxes ready for their parts.

Left leg, body (head, torso, hips, and backpack), and weapons.

The right leg and the arms.

Snip and trim the parts and put them in their boxes. Next post will the be the cementing and sanding of the various parts!

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