Monday, September 27, 2010

Joe's Gunpla Sangokuden Gunpla Special!

Gundam fans, allow me to introduce you to Missa Chan. She is from the Sangokuden BB Senshi series. She's the first SD Gunpla I've ever built. A good friend of mine went to ACEN earlier this year and bought a grab bag from a vendor and inside was this SD Gunpla that Kiefer was never going to build. So he gave it to me right around my birthday.

No, without further adieu, Here's Missa Chan!

Isn't she lovely? Wave to our fans, Missa Chan.

Okay, okay, I think that's everyone. What are we going to show the folks today, Missa Chan?

Any ideas? Well, how about for now, give us a spin and show yourself off.

Surely, you've got some accessories to show us, don't you?

WOAH! that's quite a weapon you've got there! Well, show us what you've got.

HEY! Careful with that, Missa Chan... you may put an eye out!

Got anything else to show us? What's that behind your back?

Oh, a bit of an avid archer are we? Fantastic! Any good?

GAH! heh heh... why don't you try pointing that in a different direction... for demonstration purposes, okay?

Much appreciated, Missa Chan. Go ahead.

Wait where are you going?

WOW! That's FAST!



Terrific! Give her a hand everyone! What speed, what daring, what skill!

Nicely done, Missa Chan! But it's time to go. Say good bye.

Good bye, Missa Chan. Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good night.


Aww, thanks for blowing us a kiss, Missa Chan.

Named for my fiance, Melissa "Missa" Dawson. I'll put up an in progress for her later. Very fun build.

Thanks again to Kiefer for giving this to me. Something to keep my hands busy for a couple hours.

Until next time: Happy Building!

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