Saturday, September 25, 2010

A very VERY straight forward build.

After two MG in one month, I went with something small to build, which ended up being more work than the MG Ball was :-P. So for the month of June, I wanted a build that would be pretty straight forward. And nothing is more straight forward than a model that you can't sand and already has a finishing coat on it ^_^

I picked up the HD Color version of the 1/100 MG AEUG Gundam Mk II. This version uses the same runners as the regular release of the 1/100 MG Titans Gundam Mk II Ver 2.0; which means no display base and added waist articulation.

Very cool cover art, kind of goes back to the paintings used on the Dom and Gouf box covers.

Different set up for the sides of the box art pictures.

I kind of like that they include pictures that have the stack of runners next to the completed model.

The cover art of the Instruction manual is the same as the Box Art.

The inside of the manual (center page) has a lot of the info on the HD release of the Anime along with a little bit of info on the model itself.

All of the runners on my desk with my five hour energy so I can stay up and build this thing! I didn't take the time to spread out the runners for individual shots, you can get those at Dalong.

And all of the parts boxes ready to be filled with snipped and trimmer parts.

Okay, I didn't really stay up and build this in one night, it took a few hours over the course of a week or so. It was a very fast build and easy because I wanted to preserve the finish as best I could. No sanding, not much painting except where the stickers would go and a few hydraulics and tidbits that would be seen. But not nearly as much work as the last couple months.

In fact, I don't have any in progress pictures, so the next post will be the finished model.

Until next time: Happy Building!

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