Thursday, October 7, 2010

MG Wing Gundam Part 1

A Master Piece We Never Thought We Would See

I know that I have waited for a Wing Gundam rendition that did the design justice for about 10 years!  I think this kit will be able to head that call.  The design is a little more slender than it's TV counterpart; however, I have been watching the DVD's on a 16:9 wide screen when it was made for a "normal" 4:3 aspect ratio.  So that may account for the wider look :-P

On with the kit!

The box art is pretty cool looking, showing off both MS mode and Neo Bird mode.  I'm assuming this is the New Edward's Base in the background ^_^.

Side of the box (sorry for the glare, I don't normally take pictures during the day and the sun was pretty bright).  There is a good shot of MS Mode and some inner frame detail on the leg.

Rear view, Action pose, and the Wing and Shield gimmicks.

Our favorite brainwashed killing machine with complete lack of personality, Heero Yuy.

Bird mode (I guess Neo Bird mode is for the Zero...)

Another Action Pose and the basic build with runners.

Now we open the box!

Blue and White runners for the armors, looks like some Arm, Torso, and Leg armors interspersed all over there.

Looks like backpack and Buster Rifle Parts on this one.

All of the red parts here and the barrels for the Buster Rifle, V-Fin and some others.  And of course the markings packet with stickers, marking seals, and dry transfers.

Legs and Wings, mostly here.  Two identical runners it looks like.

Inner frame bits here, these would by those infamous runners labeled so vaguely as XXXG.

Leg armors, Shield parts and some more blue parts, looks like for the skirt armors.

Two identical runners with the yellow bits for the wings.

Beam Saber blades and some more inner frame parts.

Did I mention, I decided to watch Gundam Wing from the beginning while building this.

This would be episode 1, when Zechs takes on Wing Gundam in a Leo.


And say good-bye to two Aries at once!

Let's have a look at the manual.  Basic front cover.

Looks like some info on the MS and some nice photoshopped pictures of the model in various scenarios.

Some info on the gimmicks of the model here, a shot of Bird Mode, and the painting guide.

The painting guide has a nice comparison shot of before and after panel-lining. I like they started including these comparison photos in the manuals.

And the back cover has the front view of the model.  I miss there being a cardboard insert in the boxes that had the front view.  The insert was placed over the runners in the box and at the bottom of the box you had the manual and on the back of the manual was a rear view of the model.  Now they've taken out the inserts and you don't get the rear view anymore.

And by the time I had taken all of the pictures and gotten the boxes for the parts ready, we are at episode 2 and Duo just shot Heero for interfering with his recovery of the Wing Gundam, not knowing of course that the Wing Gundam belonged to Heero.

"Don't look lady, save yourself a lot of grief!"

And Heero plummets to a watery grave after sending three torpedoes straight into the emerging Deathscythe and Wing Gundams... but of course, Heero cannot be killed, for he has the invincible PLOT ARMOR!

I couldn't wait to get started on this kit!  So I got to work right away and snipped and trimmed all the parts and placed them in their boxes... but that will be for the next post!

Until next time:  Happy Building!

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