Monday, October 18, 2010

MG Wing Gundam Part 2

Opening the Pandora's... uhm... plastic bags...

Continuing (FINALLY) my posts for the MG Wing Gundam.  I've been really busy discovering a new hobby shop in town that actually sells Gunpla!  Anyway, on with the procedure of opening the bags!

Here, I use precise instruments to help open the cavity in which the vitals are stored.
(I'm cutting the bags with scissors)

The very small poly-cap runner, the white runner has leg, crotch, head and shield parts. All of the blue parts are this one runner.

Heero is crisply molded in his school uniform.

I love how the head halves are molded.  This really will hide the seams!

Two identical yellow runners.

One of the infamously labeled XXXG runner here, though it have many of the parts specifically for Wing Gundam, but we know Ban Dai can trade out sections of runners for others.

The hands are similar to the first Gouf and Gouf Custom MG where the palm and thumb are the main part of the the hand and the other four fingers are one single piece.  To have different hand poses and grips, the four fingers piece are swapped out for a different four fingers piece.

THIS EXCITES ME!  Finally the right color of green blades!  The Ver Ka and the WZC MG kits come with a dark clear green set of beam saber blades.  This is much closer to what I believe the color should be, very similar to the 1/100 HG Wing kits clear green accessories.

Sorry for the lighting here.  This is the only Wing specific runner of the inner frame, having quite a few parts for the Buster Rifle.

All the red parts, some yellow (V-fin, chest pieces) and the gun metal colored barrels for the Buster Rifle.

Leg armors are not divided between calve and lower shin, very unique to this model, I think.

Another XXXG labeled runner.

This one has the majority of the inner frame on it and much of the transformation gimmick comes from these parts.

These two pieces are identical as far as I can tell, the details slant differently on the front but the tabs on the back run opposite each other as well...

So as to not mix them up, I put two dots on part 2 and three dots on part 3 of the runner.

All parts are snipped from the runners and trimmed of excess plastic. They are placed in their respective boxes.

So begins the assembly of the MG Wing Gundam.  I again did not do too much painting to this kit, which is why I will probably not be posting on along with the final post.

Next post will be the few parts that I did paint, then the final assembly.

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