Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's Going On, Joe? #2

The American Economy and Joining the Club

I spoke last time of having not enough space for my too many kits.  This time, I will go into the whys...

Over the summer months when I was actually supposed to be on a buying suspension from Gunpla, Hobby Link Japan just kept pumping out these GREAT deals.  In the midst of that is when I acquired the 1/60 Wing Zero, NG 1/100 Aile Strike, Aegis, and Red Frame Astray, and a slew of 1/144 HG kits from various series.  I also bought the Gunpla Collection 1/288 scale Trading Kits Collection 1 and the 3rd installment of the same series labeled as Gunpla Collection DX or Deluxe series 1.  These are the half sized kits of the original 80's line of Mobile Suit Gundam kits.  I will be having a fun series of post about those as well.

So with all of those kits from HLJ over the summer, my closet has gotten full.  Well, like I said I was supposed to be on a buying hiatus because in September I'll be getting three paychecks.  Yes, the coveted 3rd paycheck!  Where as normally there are only two pay periods in a month, on occasion when there are just the right number of Thursdays in a month and they hit at just the right time and the pay cycles are inline with the stars above and the moon shines brightly upon my wallet and the sun takes its time to set on my bank account, I get a third check unbound to the monthly budgets, bills, and expenditures that strangle my usual two pay checks!  With this third check, I will purchase MULTIPLE ORDERS OF GUNPLA GOODNESS!!!

But where shall I spend this money?!  Hobby Link Japan has served me very well this past year, however, since the credit rating of America has dipped thanks to, well a lot of politics that don't belong on my blog, the United States Dollar has dropped against the Japanese Yen!  Yes, this means my Gunpla Dollar isn't worth enough Gunpla Yens to really make an overseas purchase worth the expenditure.  So in a rare turn of events, after much calculations of exchange rates, shipping cost, and the period of time I have to wait for a package to arrive, I have decided it was time to find an American Based store to quench my thirst for Gundamy Plasticy goodness.

I didn't really have to search far.  I checked up with the good people at Gundam Store and More where I got my part for the Bandai Destiny Gundam from a few posts back.  They have awesome pricing, even with their slight increase they implemented about a month ago.  AND their shipping to me (because I live only a state away, kind of) is really cheap.  But how could I make this even better?

I joined their Gundam Club!  Platinum Membership!  I submitted an order this morning that not only qualified for free shipping, but when it arrives, I will also have my free giveaways that are included in the membership sign up.  I will post more about the membership, the freebies, and my plans for the Gundam.Info giveaway sweepstakes in another posting when I get my package.

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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