Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's Going On, Joe? #1

I've decided I need to make some posts about what is going on behind the scenes here in my own little Gunpla World, so I now present to you a new series of posts entitled, "What's Going On, Joe?" where I will pretty much just talk about current projects, purchases, future ideas, and whatever else is going on in my Gunpla World.

First things first:  The Destiny Plan!  I have so many pictures of these two MG Destiny EBM kits, it's not even funny.  Both kits are completely assembled, painted, details, lined, and... put away for a bit.  The only thing I have left to do on the kits are the marking seals but they don't need to go on until just before the final post, which will be a while at the rate I'm going.  I have all of the pictures I need to do a section by section comparison right up to completion, I just haven't had time to sort out all of the pictures, upload them and right up some postings.

Secondly, the Leo Conversion...  This thing is taking a bit more out of me than I originally anticipated.  It's not that anything is going particularly bad, just some things are frustrating me a bit.  It's just a hobby, so I'll let this project sit for a bit until I can bring myself back to it.  Basically, all that is left is making the butt thrusters, getting rid of the chest vents, and sanding it all down.  Then I can prime, paint, line it, and top coat it!  See, not that much left, the hardest part was the head and it just is getting me more frustrated than it needs to be for something intended to be fun.  OH!  I need to carve out the lines around the back and sides of the head too.  Then I still need to figure out what I'll do about weapons.  I have a few ideas, mainly inspired by the work of vegeta8259 on YouTube.  He converted a 1/100 HG Tallgeese III in a similar fashion, but he has done a MUCH better job than I have so far.  So I may look to his work for some guidance.

For the next few weeks, I'll be trying to crank out a bunch of kits.  I'm not going to be doing too much as far as WIPs go on these, but I will try to post pictures of final products.  Every once and I while, I'll get into a kick where I just want to do the minimum required for painting and finishing, I just want to BUILD the darn things.  So the following list of kits I plan on getting done ASAP, hopefully only taking about a week on each one:

1/100 NG Red Frame Astray (Currently clipped, trimmed, and parts are painted, awaiting final assembly, panel lining, and a top coat)
MG RX-78-3 Unit G-3 version 1.0
MG RX-78-3 Unit G-3 version 2.0
MG Guntank
1/100 NG Dynames
1/100 NG Kyrios (TT Hongli)
MG Zeong
1/100 NG Virtue
and MG G-Fighter

NOW!  All of these kits are subject to change based on my mood, so we will see how that list ends up as it goes along.

One of the big reasons for this push to get a bunch of kits built is that the section of my closet devoted to unbuilt kits is FULL.  Seriously, I'll be updating my "Hoard" posts that are linked at the top right of the page under "Obsession over my Collection".  Look at the backlog page and you will see that I have WAY TOO MANY unbuilt kits.  And that list doesn't include what's not here yet...  which I will get to in another post!

Until Next Time: Happy Building!

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