Saturday, August 13, 2011

1/144 Leo Project

Project Down Grade!

A long, long time ago, I found myself wondering if I would ever be able to do modifications on a kit with any confidence.  I had once tried to make a 1/144 Virgo from a 1/144 Veyate and a 1/144 Mercurius and it was decent for a first time kitbasher.  But what I really wanted to do was make a 1/144 Tallgeese into a Leo!  Over at the Gundam Australia Forums, there was a chance for me to finally make myself do just that.  An Ode to Cannon Fodder Group Build featuring only Grunt MS had been posted by ZETA NEWTYPE!  I decided I would join my first ever group build.

I found an old Tallgeese Model, the special clear/metallic Tallgeese III, actually and I decided I had treated it bad enough in the first year of my hobby that it deserved to be butchered!  The first thing to do would be to shorten this guy down a bit.

Tallgeese has VERY long legs, and very long feet.

I took him to Chop Shop!

My fiance bought me this for Christmas last year, glad I finally had a good use for it!

Here are the first set of mods roughly shaped.  I ground down the head quite a bit to make room for some resculpting with some putty, the boot-top knee was cut off, as were the ends of the feet.  I puttied all of that up and will re-shape it later.  I discarded the shoulder armor and put a band of putty around the tops of the arms.  I then made a roughly shaped ankle guard which I will detail in another posting.

I actually started a bit on this kit years ago and have already shaped one of the feet and a knee.

The fresh putty work looks very fat and doesn't quite fit, but I'll make quick work of that with a grinder.

More to come in the future, fellow Gunplars!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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  1. Finally! I've been checking for this ever since I caught those pics on your Facebook page. Lookin' good so far.