Monday, August 29, 2011

This is a Test, This is only a Test...

I'm curious to know if some of my FAVORITE Gunpla bloggers and YouTubers are viewing my blog...

So, if any of the following folks read my blog, please leave a comment here or better yet, give a shout out on your blog or YouTube Chanel!  In return, I'm going to link to you here!  So if you are on this list, please let me know that I'm on yours.

Busterbeam at Plamo Addiction
Ngee Khiong
G-Slayer at Gunpla Kit n' Kaboodle

rrobbert184 of

Those are just some of the big ones I visit, and I hope that at least some of them visit me.  That's all, just curious.  If you're not on this short list, I may not know about you!  Comment or contact me and I will GLADLY view your blog or YouTube channel!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!


  1. Hey, just letting you know everything's taken care of. I just have some backlog of my own.

  2. I have got way too much backlog. I should take a vacation just to post stuff on here with all the stuff I have meant to post... but then I'll need another vacation to catch up on all the kits I didn't get to build on my vacation...