Saturday, October 15, 2011

What's Going On, Joe? #7

LOTS!  My car issues, the Destiny Plan, and my first ever MG predictions! Read on!

My car literally fell apart yesterday!  I ran over one of those outer treads from a semi truck going 55mph and just did not have a choice between hitting it, a ditch, or on-coming traffic.  My exhaust is dragging (it was a rusted up POS anyway) and I think I've got a small gas leak under the front passenger seat...  So my gunpla buying for the year is most likely on hiatus, but I've got a LOT of backlog, so it's all good.

On to more pressing matters!

I have made an effort to get a series of posts on the Destiny Plan done on my Mondays off that will post throughout the week.  So hopefully that will come along a bit more smoothly.  Speaking of which, for the two posts about the legs of the MG Destiny kits.  Did you guy prefer the Side by Side pictures like I did for the parts post or did you prefer the grouping of Bandai and then TT like I did with the inner frame post?

Leave a comment and I will try to accommodate to my reader's liking.

Okay, here's the deal.  We've all seen some outstanding shots of the MG Sandrock for October, the abundantly armed Full Armament Unicorn Gundam, and now we finally get actual factual shot of the MG Heavy Arms EW!  What could Bandai be cooking up for 2012?

I think they will continue with their trend of releasing a RG every three months or so and that has tended to kill any chance of a MG release for that month.  Nov is RG Freedom, then Dec and Jan are MG releases. I'm betting on only 8 MG releases for 2012 and here for the first time ever, I'm going to give me best GUESSES as to what kits we will see in Master Grade form this coming year.  These are in no particular order.

1)  MG Age 1 - I think is a definite.  They've already announced plans for a MG release, I can't imagine they would wait until 2013.

2)  MG Tallgeese - They will have the five main Gundams done come January.  They would be fools not to ride that popularity with a Tallgeese release...  I'm going to guess it to be a Tallgeese I, but they may decide to release III first, just top upset me.

3) MG Jesta - I don't think I need to tell you why, that thing is the best looking Feddie Grunt EVER!

4) MG Aile Strike Ver 2.0 - The old one isn't a bad kit, nor is it that old. But with the 10th anniversary of SEED, they won't pass up a chance to milk it.

5)  MG Providence Gundam - SEED again

6)  Either NT-1 or something from the GP series as a 2.0.  All of the GP series kits are ancient, as is the Alex.  They are in drastic need of an upgrade!

7)  MG Epyon Pi - Because Bandai can't resist a recolor!

With Heavy Arms as number 8, I think that would be all we will get.  What do you guys think?  What do you want to see?  Leave a comment!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!


  1. "On to more pressing matters!"

    Okay, alright, I have a good feeling this is sarcasm. But when something threatens your life like what you've described above? And this is coming on the heels of Z's own accident (we have yet to read from him since that post announcing he was in one)... *sigh*

    If I update my blog, while it'd be nice that I finish my review of a 1/144 SUMO, I might as well catch up on Gunpla news. Naturally, I'm more stoked about the GW ones than anything else. Personally, I was hoping for Heavyarms to be released this year, but oh, well.

    Predictions? Well, I wouldn't disagree with Bandai going for recolors when it comes to rehashing Gunpla, but given Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell being MGs already available, I wouldn't put it past them going for Altron, Heavyarms Kai, and Sandrock Kai as they sprinkle UC and AGE love.

    But I was never good with predictions, so I never try.

  2. I do appreciate your concern, but it wasn't life threatening, at least I didn't feel it was. Another car had run over the treat and it flipped up on it's side. I hit it, and then the exhaust started dragging. I was just blocks from where I lived coming off the highway, so not a huge deal. Thank you though!