Tuesday, June 1, 2010

MG Musha Gundam Sangoku no Jin ATTACK!

This version of the Musha Gundam is shiny, and has vacuum metalized gold plating on a lot of it's parts and silver for the blades of the katana, the trident, and the naginata. But to me that wasn't enough to make this model the most awesome representation of a mechanized samurai ever!

The plastic used for the weapons where they normally would have been wood is simply brown... I wanted the look of wood for the staves and the gun especially. In the first posting about Musha, I believe I linked to this progress page of someone else's work. Well I decided to give his technique on the weapons a go.

And here are the results:

The unpainted brown plastic

Testor's Model Master enamel leather is used for a base coat.

Base coat done

After the base coat is dry, a gloss coat is brushed on to protect the base color

I mixed Testor's Model Master acrylic leather (Yep, same color as the enamel) and wood and did a dry brushing.

A few more passes with just the wood color used. That is aloud to set and dry completely and then...

Detailing and finishing is done on the weapons!

The gun especially looks magnificent!

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