Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Torso, Backpack, skirt armor

Okay, next up is body unit of the Gundam. The torso has a pretty neat midsection with a decent amount of posability. Quite a few parts go into the whole unit.

These are all the parts for the body unit; torso, skirt armor, and back pack. Sanded and prepped for painting.
The hip section is painted gray for a more mechanical look, and the white parts are painted as per the painting guide. A fine tipped paintbrush is used on the small V on the crotch armor panel.

Next up the backpack, I included the beam saber hilts with the backpack because they are so iconic. I painted them also according to the guide.
I took a few liberties with the gold and silver paint for details on the backpack. The thrusters were painted gold then trimmed in silver. Then the small thrusters under the pack were painted in gold and the inside of that chamber was painted silver.

A better picture of the backpack.

Completed torso, side.
Torso and skirt armor, back
There you have it, the Gundam completely painted and assembled. Next up is weapons, and I'll post pictures of the completed model along with the surprise that I mentioned earlier ^_^.

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