Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fired up! Weapons!

I didn't take any progress pictures of the weapons, I basically cemented the large halves of the beam rifle and bazooka together during assembly, sanded them and painted. I used Gundam marker gray, and Testor's flat white, flat red, and a Micron Pen for the panel lining.

I really like all the detail on the back of the shield, so I wanted to paint the "frame" to show that off. I never understood why Bandai, and for that matter most modelers I've seen, leave the back of the Gundam's shield white. In the Anime it is always shown to be red.

Gundam Marker gray for the guns. The only places I did not paint were the handles and the (I guess) E-block of the rifle underneath the top handle.

I think the detailing of the rifle is very nice, the shield and the rifle both have very similar appearances and proportions as the MG Ver 2.0 Gundam's rifle and shield. The only thing slightly amiss with the rifle is the secondary handle is too big for the HG Gundam to hold... that is if it had included a hand other than the fist for the left arm... (-_-) Grrr. More on that in the final review.

This is the first 1/144 scale Gundam to include the Gundam Hammer! And it is quite nice. I like the real metal chain, the MG Gundam's can't even boast that claim. The beam saber was painted the same as the hilts from the previous post. The blade is attached and therefore not clear, no worries, I painted that with acrylic clear red to give it a somewhat clear feel. I think it worked out and admittedly looks better in person.

Final update and post for the G-30th HG Gundam coming soon!

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