Monday, February 1, 2010

To Arms! I mean *two* arms...

The arms were probably the easiest part of this model. I got all the parts sanded and put together. Since the arms are identical, I'll just picture one for now.

Here we have the arm mostly built. The forearm had to be cemented to hide the seam that runs down the center of the front and back. Unfortunately, the elbow joint had to be built into the forearm, I prefer a simple poly-cap joint on 1/144 kits. I enjoy the simplicity, I guess.

I painted the light peachy color, same as the leg; flat white with a tiny touch of flat red.

I went ahead and painted some details on the joint system. They're not part of the painting guide, but what the hey?! This is the back and front, respectively.

Painted the darker pink color, same as before, white red and a touch of OD green. Let that dry and...

I got the arms built and completed. Flat Gray for the inner "bolt" of the elbow joint. Panel lining later, when the rest of the model is completed.

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