Monday, December 21, 2009

Whew, BABY!

Alright, the sanding took a little longer than I hoped. Been really busy, working retail around the holidays and all. So, I only had a chance to do the sanding a few nights over the past week and only for a little while. The sanding is complete, though.

So, here we have the lower leg rough sanded where the cement had made a seem. I only sanded down the seem where it would be noticed after the build. I didn't bother to sand where the knee portion would cover it up.

I used a 400 grit sanding stick. I found these in a pack with three grits (150, 300, and 400) of sanding sticks at Hobby Lobby. I sanded the entire surface but as you can see there are small details on the panels toward the ankle on the back of the leg and there are some on the front as well. I don't want to sand these off.

I used my nippers to cut down one end of the sanding stick to fit between the details ^.^

Here we have a comparison of the sanded part vs the unsanded part. The shine of the plastic is gone and the plastic has a bit of texture to it now, so no longer looks like bare plastic.

Up next, I'm going to paint the head and torso. I'll post that more regularly, I hope.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!

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