Monday, December 21, 2009

Heads Up!

So much detail in a Tiny Piece...

So, all of the head parts are present and accounted for. Plus the Beam Saber hilt I forgot to move out of view of the camera! BONUS! Lots of things that need to be painted on this part of the model. Luckily the chin is a separate piece and does not need to be painted.

The face plate needs the border of the eyes painted black, the eyes themselves are to be yellow and the decoration under the eye (vents?) are red.

I use a very fine tipped brush for the majority of my painting on 1/144 scale Gunplas ^_^. And Testor's enamel paints as they are widely available where I live. The paint is thinned with Testor's thinner (not shown) down to about a 50/50 or a 40/60 (paint/thinner) ratio.

I used flat black for the border and I did get a little on the eye, but none on the rest of the face plate. I used a hobby blade to scratch off the excess paint.

Again, the same tiny brush, I lightly painted the eyes with gloss yellow.

The face plate is completed with a touch of flat red for the under eye vents.

I did get a bit of over flow on a small portion of the face with the red, again the hobby knife took care of that.

A very small bit of yellow for the vulcan barrels and red for the main camera.

Another shot of the vulcans
And I finished off with the rear camera. I'll have pictures of the final finish of the head at the end of the in-progress.


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