Thursday, August 23, 2012


Okay, so times are tough. Unemployed and when I decided to go back to school, they withheld my unemployment money! So I need to make rent and I am desperate! I have some MG kits I am willing to part with to make some quick cash.

THIS SALE WILL END AT 11:59PM SUNDAY NIGHT! Because after that it won't matter...

Prices are as is, no bargaining. Prices include Shipping and Handling. Paypal only, payments must be received this weekend. I will get everything shipped out by the end of next week. I have placed price comparisons in parenthesis next to my price. Please remember I am including shipping, the comparison is not and would be extra.

U.S.A. Residents only, sorry.

Items for sale (all brand new, unopened):

MG Zeong - $80 ($90 at R4L)
MG Char's Rick Dom - $60 ($68 at R4L)
MG Char's Z'gock - $40 ($45 at R4L)
MG Freedom Gundam - $50 ($57 at R4L)
MG Black TriStar Zaku II High Mobility Type Version 2.0 $60 ($68 at R4L)
SOLD! MG MS-06F Zaku II Ver. 2.0 $48 ($53 at R4L) SOLD!
MG Johnny Ridden's Zaku II High Mobility Type Version 2.0 $60 ($68 at R4L)
MG Victory Gundam With Dash Pack $77 ($87 at R4L)
MG ReZEL $65 ($72 at R4L)
MG Gundam 00 Raiser $88 ($98 at R4L)


MG Bandai-Hobby Webshop Limited Banshee Final Battle Ver $210

I know that last on is a long shot. I desperately don't want to sell it... but some things are more important than Gunpla.

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