Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gundam Wing Revival Project: Group Build and Competitions!

Attention! Attention!  May I have your attention, please.

Squeam from (aka TimberNewtype on YouTube) and I have been working on a BIG undertaking of a project.  Over the course of the last year with the release of many Master Grades related to Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz along with the continued releases of the hit manga series Glory of Losers and the novel series Frozen Tear Drop, the universe of Gundam Wing has experienced a resurgence in popularity!  We wish to celebrate this reaffirmation of the Gundam series that started off a good portion of American interest in the Gundam franchise with a Group Build and a series of Competitions!  Please like and follow our Facebook page for further details after this posting.

The competitions have not had all of their details hammered out quite yet, but I wanted to get the ball rolling so everyone can start thinking and acquiring necessary kits and supplies.

Here are the details we have worked out so far for the competitions:

-Any Bandai original PLASTIC kit regardless of grade and scale will be accepted so long as it is from either Gundam Wing or Endless Waltz.  A complete list of accepted kit will be generated within the next few days.

-There will be three categories for the competitions which will be judged and presented separately.

-Competition 1:  Build a Bandai original Gundam Wing plastic kit of any scale or grade straight out of the box.  Panel lining, seam removal, and top coats are accepted.  Judging will be based on clean builds, sticker/marking placement, and over all appearance of the kit.  Painting isn't aloud in this competition so as to open it up to beginners and lazy modelers alike. No decals other than what is provided in the original contents of the kit will be aloud.

-Competition 2:  Build a Bandai original Gundam Wing plastic kit of any scale or grade.  This is for everyone else.  Build it, paint it, mark it, line it, then top coat it however you wish.  The only limitations for this competition will be physical modification and kit bashing.  We are celebrating Gundam Wing and the awesome designs from that series.  So no mods, guys, just make the kit look the best it can.  Custom paint schemes are accepted.

Competition 3:  Pose your completed Bandai original Gundam Wing plastic kit or kits in an iconic or memorable pose from the anime TV/OAV series.  This competition will be strictly judged on the power of the pose.  We will take the limitations of SD's and older Wing kits into consideration when judging.  Also, if a pose needs to be modified slightly due to the use of a MG EW kit in place of a TV version (seeing as all but the Wing Gundam have yet to be released) we will accept it so long as you explain the changes and why they are needed.

-Each of these competitions will eventually have their own Event Page on our Facebook Page

-The Group Build will also have it's own Event Page on Facebook.  The Group build will be on going even after the competitions are over.  The group build will be for those wanting to participate but not compete and it gives the judges a place when they can show their love for Gundam Wing without entering the competition.

None of this is fully set in stone yet, so please bare in mind that there will be changes and added details in the week or so to come!

Thank for reading, and I hope to see you ALL on Facebook joining the Gundam Wing Revival Project!


  1. who is this open to, the world? US?

  2. Good question! The group build is definitely world wide, the competitions will depend on how we end up handling prizes. Right now US and Canada are good to go.

  3. haha fair enough, keep us updated on the competition front :)

    i mention this because over at gundamaustralia we also have a gundam wing celebratory group build going on so im sure alot fo the people in that would love to join your gb and cross post and the competitions would be a bonus

  4. I know about Zeta Newtype's Group Build, Operation Meteor. I'll get everything updated over the next week with full rules and regulations for each of the competitions. Be sure to "like" the Facebook Page, as that will be updated probably before my blog :-P.