Thursday, September 8, 2011

What's Going On, Joe? #4

I just finished building the Master Grade RX-78-3 G-3.... twice!  I built the first version and the 2.0.  WOW what a difference...  In a way, I kind of like the look of the old one better.

I'm at a loss as to what to build next out of my 100 remaining unbuilt kits.  I've narrowed it down to 5 choices.  Can you help me out?

From the bottom up:  1/60 Wing Zero, MG Zeong, MG Guntank, 
1/100 NG Dynames, and TT Hongli 1/100 NG Kyrios.

Guys, leave a comment, even if it's anonymous and tell me what you want me to build!  I promise to get some actual content up soon in exchange.  More on the Destiny Plan for realz next time!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building (and voting ~_^)


  1. I'd go with Dynames; get the easiest kit outta the way.

    100 kits total, eh? So, when are we gonna see you on Hoarders?

  2. That's two for Dynames if you count the vote on Facebook... and two for Kyrios from my fiance. She says her vote counts twice because she has to "look at the damn thing day in and day out" until I take it down from my New Builds Shelf :-P. Hoarders? Probably soon... I'm ordering three more kits tonight, and at least ten more before the months out, plus subsequent orders every month through January... Yup, I have issues :-D.

  3. *wave* Hello. Just arriving out of Lurking Mode from OZKai's blog. Again, I like your collection of built Gunpla; you do terrific work on building and especially detailing 'em.

    Not that I'd win against multiple votes for something else, but I'd choose 1/60 Wing Zero. I know there's plenty of completed Wing units in your collection already, but why not? *shrug*

    I don't know how they do, but sometimes my thoughts on the aesthetics of Autumn (and how I vision them) somehow leads to and meshes with my thoughts of Gundam and Gunpla. A lot of times, it usually makes me think of Wing (usually with Okawara's Gundams, but MSs from any designer in GW). Maybe I think the designs can go well aesthetically?

    So when I was thinking for a few seconds on what I'd like to see reviewed by you, that line of thinking came up. *shrug*

  4. I like your line of thinking, actually. I personally am leaning a little towards the 1/60 Wing Zero as well, then I look at the Zeong and I lean that way, glance at Guntank and lean that way... Well, I'm sure you get the point :-P.

    But every vote counts! Thanks for doing so. I wish more of my readers would come out of lurker mode to participate!

  5. MG Guntank is the only one I don't have that I'd want, but I'll have to lean towards 1/60 Wing Zero. I actually liked this kit, despite being in jaded waist-deep MG mode when I got it.