Sunday, January 2, 2011

1/144 Gundam Wing Project Part 4

Almost done!  (well, they've been done for a bit, but you know...)  So, the problem of the black seem lines has to be resolved.  I hate painting white.  I know it's most likely due to the fact that I don't have an air brush and I can never find the right shade of white in a spray can!

The 90's Gundam kits all have this slightly blueish gray white plastic.  It's certainly not the new flashy white that Bandai has recently been using.  So, I had to mix up some of my own.

A very teeny, tiny speck of blue and a slightly bigger droplet of gray into some white and we're good.  I can never get good coverage with white, I know that's the nature of the beast, but I really try to avoid painting white.  Anyway, this is Deathscythe's leg, all the white parts for the four kits are painted with this mixture.  Unfortunately, I had to keep making new batches, so some of the parts are ever so slightly different; but you have to REALLY have a good eye to tell that.

Deathscythe got a new paint job all together.  The "dark" blue it's molded in is nowhere near dark enough and it looks a little purple.  A bit of black, a bit of blue, and a touch of gray and we've got something pretty close!  The picture is a little bright because of the sun coming in from the window, it looks good though.

Heavy Arms gets a new red.  Just a little over half flat to a little under half gloss to give it a satiny finish.

Like the Wing Gundam, I chopped off the pegs of the belly so it can be plugged into the bottom of the chest for all four of these kits.  this is Heavy Arms getting some surgery done.

Fits rather snug, even without glue!

I took the liberty of sharpening up that knife for ya, Heavy Arms!  Oh and tell Sandrock I'm heading over to do his heat shortels next!

I detailed up the kits and they were ready for final assembly.  All the eyes and jewel cameras are painted silver with clear green (or red).  All the yellow is now gold and these Gundams are ready to destroy some Leos!

Until Next Time:  Happy Building!

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