Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jimmy Balls!

For April's Model a Month, I was daring enough to try to complete two models at once. MG Ball Ver. Ka. and the MG GM Ver. 2.0. I didn't want to just build them, though, I wanted a challenge. Painting the entire inner frame in a metal color and adding various details to the inner frame sounded like it would do the trick!

The Ball, while simple in design, is PACKED with details:

There's the typical Ver. Ka. manual cover photo, just a plain white background with the model 1/4 turned.

Lots of marking seals, as with any Ver. Ka.

And a bunch of dry transfers too!

I love the metal parts, they make a nice added detail to the model, and the red wiring makes for added realism.

SUPER BENDY PC RUNNER! I honestly thought it was melted when I got it...

It's like a twinkie, crush it and it reforms magically before your eyes!

Lots of details on the inner frame for the Ball.

The cockpit was one of the most detailed I've seen in a model of this scale.

Parts boxes for the Ball

The GM Ver. 2.0 shares a lot of parts with the Gundam 2.0. Nice artwork on the front, it could have been Char's Z'Gock looming in the background, but the GM should look heroic for it's own cover art ^_^ ...

A good portion of the marking seals are dedicated for emblems of famous GM pilots and teams. Super Cool!

Like any grunt suit, many options are available for numbering the Mobile Suit for whatever unit you want to portray.

The shield, bazooka, and beam saber hilts are molded in white compared to the greem of the rest of the MS. I like that very much!

Quite a lot of parts for the inner frame! Lots of detail and it makes from some great poseability.

Some of the inner frame for the legs is but onto one of the runners for the outer armor.

And there are the parts boxes for the GM, quite a bit more than the Ball ^_^ That's what you get when you add legs and proper arms to a model.

I unfortunately didn't take a lot of progress pictures, so this will only be a two or three parter! I'll have photos of at least one of the completed models up shortly.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sword in the Hand is Worth Two on the Rack...

Or something like that...

The Musha Gundam was a fun build. And the model itself is a very cool design. I like the rifle and how the flint hammer is actually the targeting sensor. Very cool. I do not like the lack of a slot for the hand peg on the hilt of the katana!

This needed to be remedied.

The tools were simple:

A small hand held pin-vise drill:

And a rounded and a square file:

Basically, I drilled a hole and the beginning and the end of where I wanted the slot to be, drilled two more holes in the center and filed away until the slot was completely gouged out.

Then it was just a matter of filing a little more until the peg fit in just snug enough. And then:

So, that was a pretty easy fix. When I get to the Musha Mk II, I will plan the placement of the slots a little better.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Musha Completed!

Nothing too fancy, just shots o Musha (FINALLY) Enjoy! I've got the last four model-a-month builds to post, I have kept up with my goal, just not the posting.