Friday, July 16, 2010

A Sword in the Hand is Worth Two on the Rack...

Or something like that...

The Musha Gundam was a fun build. And the model itself is a very cool design. I like the rifle and how the flint hammer is actually the targeting sensor. Very cool. I do not like the lack of a slot for the hand peg on the hilt of the katana!

This needed to be remedied.

The tools were simple:

A small hand held pin-vise drill:

And a rounded and a square file:

Basically, I drilled a hole and the beginning and the end of where I wanted the slot to be, drilled two more holes in the center and filed away until the slot was completely gouged out.

Then it was just a matter of filing a little more until the peg fit in just snug enough. And then:

So, that was a pretty easy fix. When I get to the Musha Mk II, I will plan the placement of the slots a little better.

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